Womens Swimwear Cover Ups - Womens Swim Cover Ups

Stripping at the beach or pool can be intimidating so, it’s good to have a few cover-ups. They are great to wear if you’re next to the water or for protecting the skin after sunbathing. Cover ups are excellent for camouflaging different parts of your body that you’re not so comfortable with such thighs with cellulite or a big tummy.

Womens cover ups swimwear are more than just a way to accessorize your bikini while you’re at the beach or pool. With the right cover up, you can create the perfect look to wear all through the day. At Jordan Taylor Beachwear, we have fabulous pieces perfect for different body sizes.

Which Cover Ups Are Trending?

Cover ups are always in vogue with a few pieces particularly standing out.

  • Linen

A summer must-have, any woman who’s out to have a good time at the pool or beach should have a linen cover-up. It’s a breathable fabric and pairs well with almost anything. Accessorize a neutral or white cover up with a straw hat and sandals, and you've got yourself a preppy, polished look.

  • Bohemian Chic

During summer, the hippie-chic cover up is a staple. Top off your swimming costume with a lightweight and gauzy cover up that allows your pores to breath in the heat. You can pair it with a boho bag, a chunky chocolate-colored belt, and a pair of gladiator sandals to complete the teasing, fun look.

  • Tunic

Nothing says summertime than an airy light tunic. Made using gorgeous prints and designs, you can transform your tunic cover up into a chic, elegant look with a nice pair of heels.

Should I Consider the Neckline When Shopping for Cover Ups?

When buying cover ups for one-piece swimsuits, you should think about the type of neckline you would go for. Sweetheart necklines bring out a feminine look; however, they reveal less cleavage. V-necks and scoop necks, on the other hand, flaunt your bustline and show off the collar bones.

How Can You Look Chic in A Cover Up?

Choosing the right cover up will make a huge difference in how you feel and look. Cover ups make you feel more feminine and look more stylish.

  • Casual Tee-Look

Rather than choosing a boxy baggy cover up, consider buying a t-shirt tunic cover up for a flattering silhouette.

  • Versatile Cover Ups

It’s advisable to select a versatile cover up. For instance, a simple maxi cover up is ideal for relaxing at the beach or pool side, however, if you add a cute purse, and large earrings, your cover up can be worn later on in the evening for dinner. 

Look the Part

Who says you can’t look sophisticated when you’re next to the water? With Jordan Taylor Beachwear, you can look and feel the part. We have a wide selection of womens cover ups swimwear that is sure to wow you.

To select our latest arrivals, browse through our site or to get answers to any questions or queries you may have about our cover ups, email our customer care on and we'll get back to you.

An essential piece any woman must have or add to their wardrobe every year is a trendy swimsuit; whether it’s a one-piece or a bikini. But the truth is, you can’t romp around all day long in your bikini. It’s socially unacceptable. Enter swimwear cover ups. From lacy and airy to bold and bright, Jordan Taylor Beachwear has something for everyone.

Can You Wear Your Cover Up When You’re Not at The Beach or Pool?

Yes, you can and in a number of ways.

  • All you have to do to turn your cover up into a gorgeous mini beach dress is add a soft lip, a pair of statement earrings, then pull your hair up and you’re good to go.
  • Your gauzy, cotton cover up pants will pair well with a bikini top during the day and a crisp woven top for an evening walk.
  • Do you have a gorgeous white cover up? It will make for the perfect little white dress for traveling.
  • Your lace-up tunic will look elegant when paired with chunky heels for a girl's night out.

How Do You Select A Cover Up That Works for You?

Look for breathable, easy-care fabrics. Would you prefer cover ups that don’t need a lot of care and maintenance? Rayon, viscose, and cotton are your go-to materials.

Consider the length. If you love to flaunt your legs, then you should choose short cover ups. On the other hand, if you prefer a bit of modesty, go for knee-length cover ups. Maxi styles are also flattering.

Choose versatile cover ups. Select styles which will double up even when you’re not at the beach or pool. If you choose a cover up that works well with your bikini and hat just as it does with your statement earrings and wedges, then you just doubled your holiday wardrobe. The dress down or dress up versatility is important to your swimwear cover ups being worn outside of the beach.

Embrace different styles. You can decide to go all out and get more than one type of cover up. There are amazing styles to choose from such as maxi-dress, tunic, or kaftan. You can have one of each to switch up your look from time to time.

Volume is still okay. A cover up is loose and at the same time lovely. If the material is sheer and flowy and shows your swimsuit and shape underneath, then volume is your friend. However, if the fabric is not sheer, your cover up will be tent-like, and you'll most likely feel overwhelmed putting it on.

Remember about your exposure to the sun. Your swimsuit cover up will not adequately shield you from the sun as most don’t cover your chest and neck zone. In addition to your sunscreen, you can carry your lightweight scarf before heading out to the pool or beach.

 For Your Perfect Beach Swimwear Cover Ups

At Jordan Taylor Beachwear, we’ve got the best cover ups for you that will revamp your beach look. Choose from our amazing collection today and look extraordinary this and every summer.

Getting into the swing of things for beach and pool season is easy when you have all of the right gear. As you shop for brand new bathing suits, the chances are good that you will also want to find a cover-up or two to match. Locating the best womens swim cover ups will help you to feel even more confident at the beach or pool and give you the coverage you need from the sun and more. 

What Are Bathing Suit Cover Ups Called? 

Believe it or not, swim cover-ups come in a variety of styles, all of which have their own name. The pareo is a long rectangle shape that can be worn long or short in a number of ways. The tunic is a style of oversized cover up top that falls just past the thigh. A poncho is a style that is usually sleeveless and drapes over the shoulders to give a light, airy feel. Caftans are a type of oversized and free-flowing top that might be short or long but usually has sleeves. Dress cover-ups come in a variety of styles, including those that are a short or maxi-dress length. Whether you want a coverup that rests around the waist or one that gives more coverage, you will see that the perfect style will help to enhance your beachwear look.

What Can I Wear To The Beach Besides A Swimsuit? 

Swimsuits are always going to be the most popular option when you are heading out to the beach. The good thing about swimwear today is that you can mix it up and wear swim shorts with a tankini top, have a bikini top and bottom, or go with a one piece. The possibilities are endless, and you can enhance the versatility of your swimwear even further when you add womens swim cover ups to your collection. A cover-up is essential for your beachwear collection so that you have something to put on to protect you from the sun, while you are walking to the local beach bar, or heading into shops along the boardwalk.

How Do I Select A Swimsuit Cover Up? 

You might think that a cover-up as a way to hide your bathing suit, but this piece of your wardrobe is so much more. When you pick out a cover-up, keep in mind that they can bring chic to a whole new level. They not only limit exposure to the sun, but you will usually find that they are required at your resort when you travel to and from the beach or pool. You need to select one that not only speaks to your personal style but also gives you the level of comfort and coverage that you need.

Regardless of the style that you enjoy for the body type you have, we have the womens swim cover ups that you need at Jordan Taylor Beachwear. Whatever style of cover-up you can think of, we have it in our collection. We invite you to take a look at our full selection of cover-ups in different colors, cuts, and materials to find the ultimate piece to add to your beachwear wardrobe.

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