Jordan Taylor Beachwear is resort wear company based in NYC. It features the Jordan Taylor and the contemporary Elif for Jordan Taylor collection that can take the modern woman fashionably chic from beach to bar! We have seen our amazing customers wear our styles transitionally from season to season as well.


Owner Jordan Taylor Greenberg began his career in 1974 as a road salesman.  After doing this for several years, he started his own manufacturing company. However, he was raised from a beach-loving family (see our iconic image on the left of Jordan's parents). In 1996, Jordan ventured into the swimwear and beachwear market, where he’s stayed ever since.  Every item is produced in the United States of the highest quality domestic and imported materials.  Over the years he’s partnered and financed niche companies within the swimwear industry whilst slowly building a name and credibility.

Jordan's parents on the beach

Why You Should Wear Jordan Taylor Beachwear on Your Summer Vacation?

Jordan Taylor Beachwear is resort wear for your everyday beach life. We have a wide range of outfits that fit every stylish girl of all sizes. Our Jordan Taylor Collection is perfect for the sunny environment, to stroll at the beach, visiting beach stalls, eating in a restaurant, and even for parties at the beach. We have all the styles that suit your holiday in paradise. Your outfits are not just perfect for an Instagram shot but also extremely comfortable.

What Should I Wear to the Beach?

Wear comfortable clothing, flip flops, bathing suit, cover-up clothing, and basically anything you deemed necessary for the beach weather.

If you’re the kind of person that loves to splash around, sip cool Piña colada or read a book, wearing the right outfit will make you feel confident, relaxed, comfortable and ready for that candid snapshot


Here’s a short list of outfits we suggest you should wear to the beach:

  1. Swimsuit plus Cover-up. Even if you don’t feel like swimming that day, wearing a swimsuit covered with a see-through cover-up is always a go-to beachwear. Having a nice beach cover-up is comfortable and yet you stay looking awesome.
  2. Flowy Maxi Dress. It is easier to move around wearing a maxi dress strolling the beach while picturing yourself in the iconic Mama Mia movie.
  3. High-waist Shorts and bikini top. High-waist shorts are easy to mix and match with any of your tops, it is also very convenient at the beach.
  4. Kimono + Bikini top and trousers. A kimono is a lightweight robe and is a great cover-up for your swimwear or bikinis. It allows you to show off what you’ve got and gives you that perfect coverage when needed. Slouchy and loose trousers are easy to put on and perfect for that candid Instagram shot. Jordan Taylor Collection has great trousers you can choose from.
  5. If you live in the west, you may have not heard of sarong but once you visited a beach in South East Asia, they are sold everywhere. They are also relatively cheap, and a flexible garment that you can use as a cover-up dress, wrap around skirt, scarf, and many more. It instantly brings that summer vibe wherever you go.

What Should I pack for a Beach Vacation?

Pack your essentials, think of emergency kits, personal medication, and the basics such as sunscreen, sunglasses, clothes, bathing suit, a good book, sandals, hats, shorts, tops, cellphones and chargers, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, towel, and water bottle to avoid buying plastic bottled water.

If you plan to do water activities don’t forget to bring your snorkel gears if you have, if not, beach shops always have a place where you can rent these. If you are bringing kids with you, pack an umbrella, beach mat, and toys to play in the sand. Also, don’t forget your travel health insurance and travel documents.

For entertainment, you can bring your laptop, cameras, headphones, and electric converter or adaptor.

Enjoy your summer vacation and don’t forget to wear one of Jordan Taylor Beachwear to look instantly fabulous on the beach.

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