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Going to the beach or pool is the perfect way to spend the day. You have the ideal swim suit but you don’t want to leave home without the perfect cover up. Bathing suit cover ups are the best options when you want to look your best after swimming. A cover up not only provides you with protection from the sun but it also is a convenient and classy way to relax when you want to have some modesty. There are many styles of bathing suit cover ups available so you are sure to find one that you like.

What Are Bathing Suit Cover Ups Made Of?

Bathing suit cover ups are often made of materials that are light and breezy and will dry quickly if they get wet. That means that you can put your cover up on directly over a damp suit without having to worry. Many cover ups are made out of synthetic or partly synthetic materials but they are also sometimes made of natural fibers. You will want to make sure that you purchase a cover up before the season starts and have it ready whenever you go to the pool or beach. Order two cover ups so you will always have one ready for your next beach outing.

What Is the Best Style for a Swimsuit Cover Up?

Some of the best styles of bathing suit cover ups are made like tunics. A tunic is a simple garment that is made to be large enough to wear over your suit. The tunic may have a front zip or button closure so it is easy to slip on and off. The best thing about a tunic style cover up is that it resembles a dress when you have it on over your suit. You will instantly take your suit up a notch and have the appearance of wearing a typical dress when you put on a tunic after going to the beach.

What Sizes Do Swimsuit Covers Ups Come In?

Swimsuit cover ups are made in a variety of sizes to fit all misses sizes and plus sizes. They are also available in a selection of different colors. If you have a favorite bathing suit you might want to try to coordinate the cover up by choosing a similar color. If you prefer you may want to choose a cover up that is neutral in color such as black or white. A high quality cover up is timeless so you can wear it for more than one season. Regardless of your preferences there are cover ups that will meet your needs and your budget.

You don’t want to spend the season without a suit cover up. Order a cover up early in the year so you can get plenty of use out of it all summer long. There are many styles to pick from including the popular tunic style as well as pants. View our many tunic and other cover up styles online and place your order today.

Heading out to the beach, pool, or lake can be very exciting. To get ready, you may want to be sure that you have a new bathing suit along with accessories like a cover-up and a new tote bag to carry along your water bottle, a good book, and your favorite sunblock. As you shop, you will see that there are all different kinds of womens bathing suit cover ups that you can choose from.

What Can I Cover My Bathing Suit With? 

If you have already picked out your bathing suit, something else that you need to think about is choosing the right cover-up. Without womens bathing suit cover ups, you will need to be sure that you have other clothing to put on when you are walking from the beach to your car or from the pool and into your resort. Cover-ups are made with special material and meant to be flowing and comfortable so that you can just slide it on after you are done enjoying the water, sun, or both. You also have lots of options to pick from when looking for a cover-up, including a wrap that goes around your waist, a bell-sleeved top that goes on like a t-shirt, a loose tunic, and much more.

Can You Wear Polyester In The Pool? 

Polyester is a type of material that can be worn in most pools unless the pool rules ban polyester specifically. Chlorine impacts all materials, but certain synthetic fabrics like nylon, polypropylene, and polyester can be quite resilient to the chemical. Swimming pools in the United States are generally very highly chlorinated, which means it is best to keep fabrics like linen, cotton, and wool out of it. You can keep this in mind when you are looking to find a new bathing suit or other items that you may want to wear in the pool, such as a cover-up.

Can You Wear Cover-Ups While Swimming? 

While it might not be standard practice to wear a cover-up while swimming, there are some that are perfectly fine to wear in the ocean, lake, or pool. Keep in mind that a larger cover-up may billow a bit in the water, so it might be best to go with a cover-up that is a bit more form fitting if you think you might want to wear it when you go in the water.

What Do I Wear To The Beach? 

When you head to the beach, the main accessory that is a must is your bathing suit. From there, you can add a nice cover-up in your desired style along with a hat or sunglasses to help protect you from too much sun exposure. If you want to have a look that transforms easily to boardwalk wear or for a casual restaurant, it might be best to look for womens bathing suit cover ups that are more of a maxi dress style.

If it is time to shop for beachwear, you will find all of the womens bathing suit cover ups and bathing suits that you need at Jordan Taylor Beachwear. We have the latest styles and full collections that you need to complete your look for the beach, pool, or your upcoming resort holiday.

Beach season is finally here and many are excited to go have some fun and games. One sure fire way to step up your beach-side ensemble is to add a stylish swimsuit cover up. Swimsuit cover ups are designed to provide both comfort and effortless style as you bask in the sun.

They also allow you to go from the beach to the bar or restaurant without having to change your outfit. With the perfect swimsuit cover up, you also get extra protection from the sun as you lounge about.

At Jordan Taylor Beachwear we design both unique swimwear and swimsuit cover ups such as long bathing suit cover ups, tunic coveralls, and beach cover up pants.

What Makes the Perfect Beach Cover Up?

Several factors make a cover up perfect for a trip to the pool or beach.

  • Easy to Wear.

Ideally, the perfect swimsuit cover up is both easy to slip on and fits perfectly over your swimsuit. It should be quick and easy to wear for convenience.

  • Stylish and Comfortable.

Your swimsuit cover up should be stylish enough for a quick trip to a restaurant or bar without having to change your outfit. It should also be comfortable and neither too tight nor too loose.

  • Protection from the Sun.

The perfect swimsuit cover up should offer a certain level of protection from the sun. It should cover enough of your body so that you won’t have to reapply sunscreen every few minutes.

How Can I Choose the Perfect Beach Cover Up for My Body Shape?

There are several types of swimsuit cover ups that you can choose from according to your body shape.

  • Full Body Cover Ups

Full body cover ups come in a variety of styles. From sarongs and kaftans to kimonos, rompers and dress shirts, there is no limit to the options for full body cover ups.

  • Tops as Cover Ups

On the other hand, you can opt to wear a top as a swimsuit cover up. Here, you can choose to wear a long tunic, form-fitting t-shirts or even ponchos.

  • Bottom Cover Ups

The best swimsuit cover ups are beach cover up pants. You can wear long, baggy pants or a simple pair of shorts. You can also use a wrap to cover up when you are not in the water.

How Can I Accessorize My Beach Cover Up?

Accessorizing your beach cover up is easy. Keep it simple with minimal accessories. Complete your look with a comfy pair of sandals, sunglasses, and a stylish beach hat.

Order Your Beachwear Cover Ups Today

With summer just around the corner, Jordan Taylor brand has released new swimwear collections with several stylish cover ups for all body types. Our latest collection boasts of a variety of chic beachwear products such as flared shorts, zip-up hoodies, tunic coveralls, and many other designs to suit your unique taste.

Head to the beach or pool in style wearing our long bathing suit cover ups. You can order your swimsuit cover up through our website.



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