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Jordan Taylor Women’s Tunics - Sophisticated Tunics that Liven Up Your Weekend Wardrobe

The ways to wear these women’s tunics are endless. Let your personal style shine by pairing these women’s tunics with leggings or your favorite shorts. Ready for the beach? These women’s tunics make the perfect beach cover-up. Or take it easy on a Saturday with your favorite blue jeans and flip-flops. The weekend possibilities are never-ending and so is the selection!

Come vacation time, you will want to pack for the beach knowing you will be comfortable and confident. Whether strolling on the beach or enjoying a drink and watching the sunset, these women’s tunics are ideal for relaxing at your best.

Our women’s tunics give you go-anywhere options no matter the occasion.  It is soft and roomy, without looking baggy or too loose. You will be satisfied with the feel and quality of these fun, flattering tunics. For comfort on the go, Jordan Taylor Women’s Tunics combine fashion and fun. Our tunic is the perfect length and cut to flatter your figure while allowing you to get creative. Add your own personal flair with fun accessories - yes, even at the beach!

Our designers love to keep it trendy, without sacrificing the quality and comfort you have come to expect from Jordan Taylor. Our cold-shoulder tunic flatters any silhouette and comes in exciting new colors. Our scoop-neck tunic is flowy and feminine with bell sleeves and your choice of navy or silver. If your wardrobe needs an update, Jordan Taylor tunics are the perfect addition to your closet.

Our tunic with backslashes is the ideal trendy that will show a little skin without being too revealing. Your confidence will soar at the beach with this lovely cover-up.  It can also be layered flawlessly with a tank for a fresh look. This women’s tunic gives you endless options for versatile beachwear. No matter how you pair it, you will look stylish and feel confident all day long. It’s the perfect beach and boardwalk style!

Loved the fun tunic looks from the eighties?  Well, get ready, because it’s back in style and the possibilities are endless. The modern women’s tunic comes in different lengths and cuts, to match your weekend beach mood. These women’s tunics are the perfect length for your swimsuit cover-up, so you can feel confident and comfortable no matter if you are strolling on the boardwalk with friends or catching some rays on the beach, you can rest assured that you are looking your best this season! Always feminine, always fabulous - Jordan Taylor Women’s Tunics give you the stylish look you want and the comfort you need.

Browse our fresh selection of beach tunics and cover-ups in the season’s hottest colors and styles. You won’t find these looks buying off the rack. Our designers put care into each piece and best of all - they are made in America.

Check out our large selection of women’s tunics at Jordan Taylor Beachwear.

The tunic is a simple garment that has been used in human history for quite a long time. It had varied in length and varied between cultures around the world. The tunic dress is a modern adaptation and is quite popular in women’s fashion.


Can I wear a tunic with jeans?

Considering that not all tunics are created the same, you will have to see how it will pair with your pants to answer that question. For most body shapes, it pairs better with jeans as long as the tunic doesn’t cling and correctly accommodates your height.

Is a tunic a dress or a top?

As a tunic dress is shorter than typical dresses, it may seem like a gray area to the untrained eye. It is technically a dress, but since it can be used in diverse applications, you may consider it whatever you see fit. It may be combined with jeans, skirts and other accessories for a complete outfit.

How do I wear a belt over a tunic dress?

There are multiple ways to wear a belt over a dress. As tunic dresses are rather short, it may also be a better idea to use the belt with your jeans if applicable. Since tunic dresses don’t have belt loops, you will have to find a solution that wraps around your waist independently.

The belt should be set at the thinnest part of your waist, assuring it looks natural and stays in place. It is inevitable that a belt will slide around, so you will have to adjust it to minimize this. For most body shapes and sizes, a belt a little over an inch in width should do the trick.

How do you wear a tunic dress?

A tunic dress should be worn in a way that’s loose-fitting and accommodates your body type and pants worn. You can also mix and match dresses to achieve a certain look, whether it means covering up something or highlighting what you have.

If you are trying to appear leaner, you can pair it with skinny bottoms and a voluminous scarf. The cut off line of the tunic should go to the middle of your thigh, but that also depends on how much leg you want to show off.

During summer months, shorts or swimwear can also be paired if done intelligently. A lightweight tunic would be better in hot weather while also matching your overall style. The shorts used should be long enough to still be visible as you don’t want it to appear as a full dress.

A tunic can also be worn at work as long as you can make it fit into the dress code. You want the neckline to be high and the tunic should provide full coverage. It goes will dress pants or a pencil skirt.

Tunic dresses come in a wide variety of styles and will probably continue being relevant in fashion for a long time. If you are interested in purchasing a tunic dress, check out our various collection within our shop.

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