Tunic Tops for Women - Tunics for Women

Tunic tops have been a fashionable item for almost any season or use, assuming it is paired with the right accessories. It is shorter than a typical dress yet it gives you the opportunity to combine it with a wide variety of bottom.

Are tunics considered to be tops?

A tunic will usually be considered a short dress, even if it is typically used as a top with some sort of bottom. Tunic tops for women have been used throughout human history, with our without being accompanied by pants.

Many women tend to use tunics as tops these days since it is loose fitting and provides coverage when using skinny jeans. It is also used with shorts or swimwear to cover up certain parts.

How should I wear tunics stylishly?

Tunic tops for women are not designed to be a tight fight, so the size you buy is quite relative. It should have room to flow while fitting the neck area a little more snugly. At the same time, you don’t want a tunic to be too short so you can show off your legs.

Some tunics will hug the waist and others will go straight down. If you want to exaggerate an hourglass figure, putting a tight belt over the tunic dress will do the trick. In particular, an extra wide belt will give you a slimming look.

Your pants should also fit into your new tunic look. Skinny jeans or yoga pants would be the first joins as they hug the legs and won’t make you look heavy. A pencil skirt that is just above the knees is also a solid choice.


Is it alright to wear a tunic to work?


While tunics are probably not the first choice, they may be integrated within your workplace’s dress code. Tunics are generally great to highlight or cover parts of your body, but you will want to keep things conservative for work. This especially means that V-cut tunics are out of the equation.

You will want a tunic that doesn’t flow too loosely and cuts off much higher than in other applications. In combination with this tunic, you should wear typical dress pants or a skirt that you would probably wear anyway. You really want to make it look more like a top than a dress in this instance.


Should I wear a tunic to the beach?

When summer arrives, you will probably hit the beach more than once. Tunics certainly can be worn but you will want something that is thin and flowy rather than that typical heavy look. In addition, it should go well with some shorts or swimwear underneath.


Can I use a tunic top with an apple body shape?

Believe it or not, tunic tops are compatible with any body type. With an apple shape, you don’t want something that clings to the top part of your torso while having it highlight your legs. It would also help if the top is dark and avoid using heavy accessories.


Tunic tops can be quite diverse with a little creativity and the right pair of bottoms. If you are in the market for a tunic top, check out what we have in our online store.

This time of year, many women are looking to find the ultimate swimwear to enjoy at the beach or pool. Whether you are going on vacation somewhere special or you are just planning a trip with friends to a local pool or beach, it is vital that you are able to pick out a bathing suit and cover-up that will make you feel comfortable. When it comes to a cover-up, tunics for women make an excellent choice. 

Whether you like to have full coverage most of the time or you want to have something to put over your bathing suit while you are walking to and from the pool, a tunic-style cover-up can be a very stylish option. Another beautiful thing about a tunic cover-up for your swimsuit is that you can find one in contrasting colors or you can select one that is a perfect match. 

What Are Swim Tunics For Women?

A tunic-type dress is a stylish and cute staple that you will often see worn at a beach or resort. This is the perfect option to pair with your sexy two-piece or one-piece bathing suit so that you can have additional coverage whenever you need it. A swim tunic is a versatile, chic, cover-up that can be worn in a variety of ways. You can go for the casual look by picking out a tunic with a hoodie, or you can boost the sex-appeal with a tunic that features an open shoulder. No matter which option you go with, you will have something that covers up just the right amount.

Can I Wear A Swim Tunic Over My Bathing Suit?

Tunics are perfect for wearing over your bathing suit, which you can either use for lots of coverage or to accentuate some of your best features. Depending on the material that you choose, you may also be able to wear your swim tunic over your bathing suit, if desired. When you take the time to find the perfect tunics for women to cover your beach or pool wear, you have the chance to either match your undergarments perfectly or to give you plenty of contrast. 

What Is The Best Beachwear Tunic? 

This all depends on the look and feel that you are going for. Some tunics are made from lightweight fabrics that have a bit of SPF protection to keep the skin safe from the sun. Some tunics for women made for beach or pool use will also be chlorine-resistant or fast-drying along with non-clinging fabrics that still feel good even when wet. 

When you shop with us at Jordan Taylor Beachwear, you will find a full selection of tunics for women that come in a variety of colors, styles, and fabrics to choose from. We feature tunics with backslashes, cut out detailing, bell sleeves, v-neck, cap sleeves, zip-up hoodie styling, and much more. We strive to bring our customers the most beautiful beachwear to show off their style and to provide just the right level of coverage for the beach or pool. This is the ultimate way to add another layer of style to your beach ensemble with minimal effort.

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