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Beach season is finally here. That means it’s time to take out your bathing suit or better yet, go shopping for a new one. However, that’s not the only thing that says you have remarkable beachwear. To complete your style, remember to get yourself a gorgeous cover up. At Jordan Taylor Beachwear, we have perfect beach cover up dresses for summer and beyond. And not only do cover ups offer extra protection from the harmful UV rays, but they also transition from beach to night wear with no effort.

What Should You Consider When Buying Cover Ups?

Your cover up should actually do the job of covering you up. They are made to allow you to go for lunch or to shop straight from the pool or beach without having to change into anything else.

When shopping for a cover up, think of the patterns and colors of your bathing suits so that the cover ups you buy complements the costumes.

Remember: Your cover up isn’t an alternative to sunscreen. Although it does cover you up, that isn’t sufficient to prevent the adverse effects of direct sunlight on your skin. It is therefore advisable to wear sunscreen that has an SPF of 30 and above.

Which Cover Ups are Trending?

  • Halter Jumpsuit

It’s a sleeveless number that says its summertime. It comes with an adjustable neckline and brings out a relaxed vibe.

  • Maxi Cover Ups

If jumpsuits aren’t your thing, a maxi cover up has the same elegant vibe. They come in a multitude of exciting colors, and they are great for a night out after a fun day at the beach.

  • Crochet Dress

It’s a stunning piece with a comfy feel. Some crochet dresses also have drawstrings on the side.

  • Vintage Skirtini

The retro design will definitely make a statement at the pool or beach. What’s more, you’ll still look great in it even when you’re at the swim-up bar.

  • Palazzo Pants

Rock a pair for an effortless way to cover up. The wide-legs of palazzo pants possess a slimming power, making them the perfect match for that bikini top.

 How Can You Accessorize Your Cover Ups in Real Life?

Your cover ups don’t have to be locked away in the closet when you’re not at the beach or pool. They can do double duty and here are a few tips on how to achieve that.

  • Your silk cover up dress can easily be worn to a lunch cocktail.
  • Are you done at the beach? Just tuck in that cover up into a pair of comfortable denim, and you can head out for some unforgettable midday sight-seeing.

Swimsuit Cover Ups

Hit the pool or beach in stylish beach cover up dresses from Jordan Taylor Beachwear today. With the versatility of wearing them on a sunny day to a night out, our cover ups do not disappoint. Shop our collection of floral, lace, and embroidered cover ups that are sure to turn heads wherever you go. Discover unlimited options to make your beach days a breeze.

A beautiful bathing suit is made for the water, but you need something to wear over it on your way to and from the beach. Women’s beach cover ups are the best way to hide your swimsuit when you want to leave the beach. You can put on a cover up and head to your favorite café or go shopping without having to change into street clothes. You can also use the cover up on the beach if you prefer not to show your suit or would like to get some shade.

What are Trendy Women’s Beach Cover Ups?

There are many trendy women’s beach cover ups that will make you look fabulous while you are near the water. One of the most popular styles is the tunic cover up. This is a design that is timeless so you can wear it for more than one season. Choose a tunic that covers your thighs but reaches above the knees. The best tunics are often those with a front closure. This makes them easy to put on and off over a bathing suit.

What is the Best Color for Women’s Beach Cover Ups?

Women’s beach cover ups are available in a wide variety of colors. If you want to wear the cover up with various bathing suits you may prefer a neutral color such as black or white. These options will coordinate with any swimsuit that you own. Black is known as a slimming color while white is considered a cool color when worn in the sun. There are other options available as well. Blue is a fun color that goes well with a number of different prints and colors. It is best to choose a color that looks good and that you enjoy wearing. You can purchase several cover ups so you have various color and style choices to pick from.

What Size Options Are Available for Beach Cover Ups?

Beach cover ups are available in a range of sizes including women’s and plus sizes. Cover ups are typically sold in sizes ranging from small to large and from 1XL to 3XL. The wide range of sizes means that there is a cover up for women of all sizes and shapes. A cover up is the ideal way to hide your swimsuit. If you prefer not to show your swimsuit unless you are in the water you can keep your bathing suit private by wearing a cover up. A cover up is an easy and affordable way to improve your appearance at the beach and allow you to comfortably walk around the area without feeling embarrassed.

The beach cover up is an essential part of your summer or vacation wardrobe. Add one or two to your beach wear so you will be able to have one with you whenever you head to the water. Keep one in your beach bag so you will be ready to head to the shop or café while you are at the beach or the pool.

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